Annie’s Children’s Center is dedicated to providing quality academic experiences for Infants, Toddlers, & Preschoolers while helping children develop valuable social and life skills. Our child-care philosophy is one in which classrooms are seen as communities. Each child is valued as an individual whose strengths contribute to the classroom culture. Working together, children and adults create an atmosphere that supports learning while encouraging meaningful relationships. At Annie’s, hugs and academics contribute to each child’s growth and development.

Our teachers use “The Creative Curriculum Educational Approach” for a child directed, child initiated & teacher supported learning environment. The fundamental premise of this curriculum is that children are active learners, who learn best from pursuing their own interests while being active. Also, you will find the Weekly Lesson Plans, Classroom News, which is distributed throughout each month, and dry erase & bulletin boards with detailed information to keep you up to date with your child’s curriculum. An open line of communication between yourselves and your child’s teacher is the key to success.

The Classroom Environment is a key part of our Curriculum. Each classroom is set up with furniture that is sized for the particular group of children, from infants through our school age area. You will find age/development-specific classrooms to provide the safe and developmentally appropriate learning environment for your growing child. Children are provided with a large variety of centers and interest areas to explore throughout the day, such as:


  • Art & Creative Expression
  • Sensory Exploration
  • Active Play Zones
  • Fine Motor Manipulatives
  • Construction Zones
  • Literacy Area
  • Science & Nature
  • Dramatic Play
  • Families & Cultures

We believe that children learn best through the natural means of PLAY, so we provide each child with ample time to play and explore both alone and with others. We believe that an environment rich in materials and opportunities to explore, practice new skills and socialize with others will help each child grow and learn to their best potential.

We schedule a number of visitors from the community and special programs for enrichment. Visitors may include The Dentist, Fire Department, Police Department/K-9 unit, Leslie Science Center, Ponies and Petting Farm, Storytellers & Musicians. Join us for our annual family events of Spring Fling, Summer Picnic, Holiday Gathering and Breakfast-on-the-Go where you can meet and socialize with other parents or the staff.

Infants are provided a soft, quiet environment, personal play spaces and cozy nurturing time with their Primary Caregivers, who play a vital socialization role with the infants. Warm, positive relationships between infant and caregiver help the infant develop a sense of trust, where the trusted caregiver becomes a secure base from which the mobile infant explores the environment.

Throughout each of our infant programs, new experiences, as well as those that can be repetitive and practiced are a great part of our day. An individualized, familiar and flexible daily routine specific to your child, provides security as the caregivers respond to your childʼs individual needs of hunger, thirst, sleep and interaction. Our Infant Caregivers have been caring newborns and infants for years, and they are keeping current on their training and education of caring for Infants.

Toddlers move about, explore their surroundings and develop various relationships with caregivers and other children most of the day at Annieʼs. We provide many opportunities daily to help promote this social growth.

Individual and group activities are planned throughout the week to meet social, physical, creative, emotional and intellectual needs of each child. Meeting the needs of this rapidly growing age group is exciting and very rewarding. Various hands-on activities and experiences are provided throughout the day as well as active and quiet times to meet the needs of each child.

We help channel the energy the toddlers have into activities that will provide them the opportunity to learn from each other, their teachers and the various materials & equipment in the classroom and outdoor environments.

Outdoor Play
Essential for gross motor development and allows opportunities for dramatic play and experimenting with natural materials. The fresh air is also important for a childʼs health.

Sensory Play
Children experience their environment through their senses: taste, touch, smell, sight and sound. We provide the many fun, “messy”, exciting activities that a child can only experience with the teachers at Annieʼs.

Dramatic Play
Early on, children discover the joy of dress up and make-believe through dramatic play materials. A child learns to: Play out home experiences, develop muscular co-ordination (ironing, rocking, dressing dolls, setting tables, serving foods…). Has the opportunity to play alone or with others. Has the opportunity to be a helper for others. May begin to cooperate with others. Reveals thoughts and attitudes through interactions and conversations with others.